Orland Park CPA Firm


Assurance Services

Orland Park, IL business auditsOur Orland Park CPA firm provides a range of services to business owners who need to provide assurance of their financial statements due to the mandates of third party lenders, creditors, shareholders or others.

At Gatlin Rago CPA Group, our approach to assurance is broad in scope. We take the time to analyze your situation and identify opportunities for saving money, maximizing resources, and improving operations.

Compilations and Reviews of Financial Statements

If your business is in need of assurance services, but doesn’t need a complete financial statement audit we can assist with reviews and compilations. A review doesn’t provide all the verification and reporting requirements of a full audit, but it does provide reasonable assurance to outside vendors who require it. If a basic compilation of financial statements with no assurance is all that's needed, we can provide a financial report without any verification of the data itself.

Agreed Upon Engagements

Agreed-upon procedure engagements are for companies that require procedures be applied to financial reporting processes and controls without the need for a full audit of financial statements. This type of engagement is common when evaluating companies for potential merger or acquisition, preparing for litigation, preparing for the sale of a business or when testing internal controls for compliance.

We’ll provide your business a report at the end of the engagement that outlines the information about the processes and findings based upon specific procedures being applied to your financial reporting processes and controls. These are specific procedures that were defined in the engagement agreed signed by both the client and our CPA firm.

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